September 21, 2010


WAH is a kick ass nail salon out of London. If you haven’t heard of them definitely check out their website. Every week I ogle their unique creations and every now and then I give one a whirl.

My Inspiration

The Tools
  • Revlon | Minted
  • Sally Hansen | Commander in Chic
  • NYC | Black Lace Creme
  • Forever 21 | Nail Art Pen and Brush

How To
  • Apply two coats of each color on both hands and let dry completely
  • Use a thin brush or nail art pen to draw the tuxedo outline
  • Fill in the “shirt” (upside down triangle) with the white polish
  • Add two black dots starting at the bottom of the triangle, these are the buttons
  • Draw two triangles, pointy sides facing, to create the bow tie at the tip of the nail
  • Use the black polish to add the handle bar mustache on your index finger (if you aren't feeling the mustache you can add polka dots or stripes)
  • Lastly, draw the outline for the POW! bubble and fill it in. (make sure you make it big enough fit the word inside)
  • Outline with black polish
  • Then, draw your action word


The Finished Look

Let your nails dry completely–if polish isn't dry clear coat may smudge your design–and add a clear top coat. Let dry and you're done!

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