September 8, 2010


I don't really enjoy shopping like i used to, mostly because shopping online is so much quicker and painless; but I love a good thrifting/vintage session! I've found some of my favorite pieces in the depths of a thrift store rack. But before you set out to your nearest thrift store here are a few tips.

Tips for Thrifters
  1. Check it out online: I don't know about you but I Google everything! Checking out their website or online reviews will give you some idea of what to expect. People are usually brutally honest when it comes to rating businesses.
  2. Don't buy it if you don't love it: this is my rule for all things but especially for items that cannot be returned.
  3. Be patient: you may have to dig through a bunch of really bad stuff to find a gem.
  4. Do your research: while all this stuff is new to you, it is used so it shouldn't be too much money, shop around to find a great deal. Vintage/retro styles are very popular right now, and chances are may be able to find something similar if you feel like the price is steep.
  5. Patronize: most stores that I visit don't changes inventory seasonally, so check back if it's a store that you are really digging.
  6. Ask questions: most thrift/vintage shops are small businesses and many times the owner(s) is in the store. Ask them details about the pieces you are interested in. One of the things I love the most about thrifting/vintage is the story. These guys are usually very knowledgeable and it's good to gather information about vintage trends and styles from the source.
Shop Online

If throwing bows at your local thrift store is not your thing, no worries, there are a ton of online vintage/thrift websites where you can find great pieces. Here are just a few of the websites that I adore. 

Etsy (search vintage)



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