September 7, 2010


A statement lip is a great way to add a little spice to your look. The key is finding colors that complement your complexion. Luckily there are more options for brown belles these days, as many cosmetic company's are releasing products that are highly pigmented and show up nicely on brown skin. These are two of my favorite looks for the fall.

Nars {velvet matte lip color in dragon girl}


Nars Velvet Lip Color allows great saturation without too many layers AND the red color is pure so it doesn’t have an orange hue which I found to be true for all the other lipsticks I tried. While this color looks fab on my skin color I think the pureness of this color would look fierce on just about any skin color.  Here are a few tips and tricks to achieving this look.
  1. Exfoliate – If you have a bit of dry skin on your lips use your toothbrush, washcloth, or your facial exfoliating cream to make sure your lips are nice and smooth. Follow up with lip balm.
  2. Moisturize – Nothing will ruin this look more then chapped lips! The Tyron Biggims is not cute ladies, so find a moisturizing lip balm to make sure your lips are nice and soft.
  3. Even that lip out – Before I apply lipstick I usually dab on a little bit of foundation on my lips to assure the color is even.
  4. Less is more – If you are going to play up your lips keep the rest of your face simple.
  5. Add shine - If the matte look is not your thing add a clear or red gloss on top for a little glister! Try Black Radiance 3201 Radiant Red gloss.
Here is a great video/tutorial from MAC Cosmetics with excellent tips for the perfect red lip.

Black Radiance {perfect tone lip color in 5033 midnight glow}

I love this look! It’s oh-so-sexy, but in my opinion a bit more savory, and who doesn’t like a lil sass.  I didn’t have to go far or spend much money on this look which is always a plus! Most drugstores should carry this brand for under $5!
  1. If you have chocolatey brown skin like me don’t be afraid to go darker. If you have lighter skin you may want to try more mauve/purple colors.
  2. Do! Play up eyes and brows more. This lip color can take a bit more makeup without being too over the top, don’t go over board but you can definitely take more risks.
  3. For an extra pop try using Radiant Lip Gloss in 3205 Blackberry Ice on top. I sometimes use this on its own, but it also looks great on top on the lipstick.
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