November 27, 2015

Holiday & Dinner Wine Guide

Ian has ruined me! Feeding me all types of wine and champ that I can’t afford and now my bougie taste buds can’t enjoy the cheap stuff like I used to. Just for you I went through the ruling process of tasting all these delicious wines and discussing flavor profiles, food pairings, wine tips and much more with Ian.


Non-Vintage Trevisiol Extra Dry Prosecco
Veneto, Italy | $16

WINE TIP: Buy two bottles of this, one for before dinner one for a gift.

Non-Vintage A.R. Lenoble Grand Cru Rose Champagne
Champagne, France | $58

Ask for grower produced


2013 Chateau Bianca Riesling
Willamette Valley, Oregon | $17

WINE TIP: Off dry is more palatable

2012 Smith-Madrone Estate Riesling
Napa Valley, California | $36


Lone Birch Syrah
Washington State | $15-20

2012 Navarro Pinot Noir
Anderson Valley, California | $38

WINE TIP: Spend AT LEAST $20 on Pinot
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